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One of the industry leading sports construction companies in the U.S. with fields installed throughout North America and abroad.

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About Us

No matter what kind of sports construction project (national or international) we are awarded at Blue Sky International, our dedication is second to none. Coupling our passion for quality along with our innovative expertise and decades of experience in everything we do, Blue Sky selects only the finest USA made raw materials to match our customers’ requirements. From sports complexes to synthetic turf projects of all kinds, no challenge is too big for us. To put it simply, we are a team of experts who specialize in synthetic turf manufacturing and installation, as well as other specialty products like special LED sports lighting.

At Blue Sky Turf we serve a niche and differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering any part or a “soup to nuts” approach to complete facility design and construction. Not relying on the banter which is related to advertising and media markets, we prove ourselves on grounds of competence and the ability to offer not just the best but the most efficient and robust services in the industry at very competitive prices. Building long standing, and long term relationships with our clients, we offer undivided attention to details on each project and guarantee our synthetic turf systems for eight full years.

It is paramount for us to assure that you only get the best advice and service when you sign us on your project. Our experts offer valuable input on a range of services from which materials to select and how best to install them, including the technical aspects such as drainage and lighting solutions to design and installation techniques that best serve the long term needs of our clients. With a rich history and a philosophy geared towards providing pristine services – we believe Blue Sky Turf is the company of choice for you.

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