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Baseball & Softball

Baseball is a game of patience, skill, and timing. Blue Sky Turf has created a baseball specific turf system that allows for all the great attributes of the great game to perform at its best, all the time.

Synthetic Baseball Turf


Certain performance aspects of the sport need to be understood before installing a synthetic turf for baseball. Baseball from a defensive point of view is quick and reactionary and more specific, how an infield plays.

Fielding a ball in the infield relies heavily in the reaction of the ball off the surface to the receiving player. If the surface is too hard, then the ball will ricochet off the surface too fast and make a defensive play a near impossibility. If the surface is too soft, or the fiber of the turf is too long, then the defense of the game slows tremendously.

Blue Sky has taken into consideration all aspects of the game, from fielding, to fly balls or diving for a line drive hit. Understanding the sport and the athlete at the same times helps us to better define our products and help elevate the sport to a new level.

Batting Cage Turf

Durable low pile with ability to take thousands of hours of batting and ball abuse, but remain in play shape condition for years to come.

Outfield Synthetic Turf

Lush, soft and durable out field specific turf that makes a center fielder right at home.

Infield Synthetic Turf

Soft, yet creates the perfect offensive and defensive infield synthetic turf product that controls the speed and bounce of the ball.

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