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Field Hockey

There is no team sport more dependent and influenced by the playing surface than the sport of field hockey. How the ball rolls, bounces and moves is important to performance on the field. The higher level of play, the more important that your field provides consistent playing characteristics.

Field Hockey Synthetic Turf Systems


The introduction of Artificial Turf has sped up the game, inspired new tactics and techniques, and allowed for smoother, crisper play. Initially, synthetic turf for field hockey was limited to only a select few. In the 1970’s, synthetic turf was introduced to the world of sports. Turf provided more uniform playing characteristics and ball behavior, better grip and control…. Which provided key benefits such as increased player safety.

This has all changed with the advent of footing and technological advancements in surface design. The introduction of turf has sped up the game, inspired new tactics and techniques, and allowed for smoother, crisper play.

Now a range of products to fit all levels of play and economics has made the use of turf for field hockey widespread across the US and the world! At the elite levels of University and International play, carpet style or “wet pitch” surface are preferred… They provide faster ball roll, smoothness and long term durability. The pace of the game and technical skills have transformed so much that players at these levels have come to expect to play and train on top level water based pitches.




Field hockey is a challenging sport that is very demanding on the field it is played on. The synthetic turf must withstand rapid changes in motion of the athlete, and the unrelenting swinging of the hockey sticks, all while remaining even for the consistent roll and speed of the ball. The last thing your field hockey athletes need is variations of the ball roll.  Very few turf systems can adequately stand up to these encounters.

A synthetic turf system with strong durable design, and a sturdy backing structure, is mandatory for proper field of play. Our turf designed for field hockey is manufactured with all aspects of the game in mind, including player safety.

For those who play field hockey, but also must allow for multi-sport play, hybrid systems are available that provide a high level of hockey performance as well as multi-sport. For those who have to satisfy a number of sports and/or must be conscious of budget, our infill systems can even offer consistency that natural turf does not. Our heavy weight, high-density systems provide the highest level of performance an infill system can offer.

Blue Sky offers a full line of synthetic turf products to meet the needs of all levels of field hockey play and budget.

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