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Easy Application

24 hours from application to funding in hand. Avoids any large outlay of cash up front Ease of issuance usually not considered debt.

Any Budget

Breakaway financing can cover the entire cost of the equipment, including soft costs such as installation, maintenance, shipping and taxes.


Unlike traditional equipment loans, Breakaway payments can be deducted from operating income, reducing your tax liability and saving you money.


Easy Terms

We match repayment frequency to your school or business. Our terms match the useful life, flexible structures, little or no issuance costs and low tax-exempt rates.

Blue Sky Financial Services


Blue Sky International is pleased to announce our new financing program. This allows Private Entities, Private Schools, Public Schools, and Municipalities to get their facility of tomorrow, today, through affordable financing/leasing options.

Over the past decade, synthetic turf companies have been educating customers around the world about the savings of synthetic turf as opposed to natural grass. The one thing that prevents everyone form experiencing these substantial savings is the initial cost of synthetic turf. Now, that problem has been solved with 8 to 10 year financing/leasing options and some that may be available for an even longer term.

This drive has brought us to a point where it is not just the turf component of the industry that we can offer everyone. Due to our established relationships in the industry we can also offer the following other products as a package deal.

  • Synthetic Turf Fields
  • All Weather Running Tracks
  • Bleachers
  • Scoreboards
  • Fencing
  • Netting
  • LED Lighting
  • Tension & Air Structures
  • Buildings

Custom Solutions


Through our new cutting edge financing/leasing programs, Blue Sky International can manage the entire project from start to finish, and offer a new found level of customer service by being the single point of contact for the customer for all aspects of the project.  We also offer bid free purchasing options through our procurement partners CoStars and TIPS.


The largest benefits of these program are allowing the owner to pick the product of their choice, deleting the bid process and its associated cost which Blue Sky offers as a part of the project.

There are also no bonding costs. Now, the client has complete control of what they want and when they want it. All with the peace of mind that it’s backed by Blue Sky Turf and it’s 6 decades of experience.

Since day one, we have been finding creative ways to make it financially feasible for everyone to have the opportunity to have a synthetic turf field at an affordable cost of ownership.

Quality Products

Blue Sky Turf only works with products that are the highest quality available in the industry. Like most purchases, the products look similar on the surface. The true benefit of working with Blue Sky Turf is the technology, science, testing and quality controls that are involved in the development of sport-specific surfaces. If you take the time to compare product quality we will easily demonstrate why it has the best product for your use.

Synthetic Turf Is Athletic Equipment

Blue Sky Turf does not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all mentality engaged by many of our competitors. Blue Sky Tur has developed specific surfaces to optimize the playability of each sport. The Blue Sky Turf team is continually in communication with the governing bodies of each sport, such as FIFA, FIH, etc.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program

Blue Sky Turf has a very regimented Quality Control, Quality Assurance Program. Blue Sky Turf QC/ QA program ensures every surface produced by Blue Sky Turf meets our exacting standards of perfection.

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