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Football Turf System

Blue Sky Turf has designed our football turf systems with these 3 keys in mind: Performance, Safety, and Durability. These factors have been essential in the development and design of our product so it can take the beating of any impact.

Synthetic Football Turf


Football is a game that is as unforgiving to the field as it is to the players. Our fibers can be blended in a variety of ways to simulate the feel of real grass and still endure the intensity of the game.Football has been played on soggy, muddy or rock hard natural turf fields for decades. The game was brutal and the outcome was often decided by the condition of the field. Occasionally, the football turf field conditions would be optimum and then the game was a joy. However, more often than not the football turf field was either over used and beat up, or just not up to par.

Our fiber is designed to reduce abrasion typically caused by lesser quality synthetic products, something your players are sure to appreciate. The conditions of the field weren’t helped by the fact that the football field natural pitches were often used for many different sports as well as practices. This super abundance of play, beat up the fields badly and created terrible and unsafe playing conditions. This problem continued until the 1960’s when the first synthetic football turf field was created. It was to be called Astroturf because it was used in the first indoor domed field in Houston, Tx.

This synthetic football turf would revolutionize the industry and within a few years, hundreds and then thousands of football turf fields would be converted to this unique product. Blue Sky Turf offers exclusive synthetic turf for football. Football fields for our team is a forte. Our BST product line is engineered with athlete safety in mind. Football being such a physical sport, how the turf interacts in contact between the player and the field, is a huge safety concern. With our years of experience in the industry, we have seen serious damage to players if the turf is not sound.

Do not gamble on the safety of your football players. Pick a synthetic turf you know will meet your longevity criteria, while protecting your football athletes and adhering to your budget. Contact our specialists today and we will walk you through the process of choosing the right synthetic football field. Let us show you how you can literally control the speed of the game with our turf products.


Cutting Edge Technology

The Astroturf phenomena was to continue for nearly 30 years and soon every major college and high school in the country had the product. Unfortunately, there was a dark side to Astroturf and it was the cause of scores of injuries of all kinds. A new injury called turf toe was accredited to Astroturf but that wasn’t all. Many of these football turf field related injuries were career ending and left athletes young and old crippled for life.

The Blue Sky Turf backing system performs outstandingly in stability and strength testing which translates into secure footing for your players and a durable long lasting surface for your teams. Our backing outperforms competitors’ products in tests for shrinkage, sheering and creeping. Our backing is also designed to drain at a very rapid pace preventing flooding in inclement weather.

Additionally, the Astroturf product was extremely abrasive because of its nylon knitted fiber make up, besides being very hard as it was usually installed over an asphalt base. This football turf field product was hardly an answer or replacement for the old natural turf fields. Even the play of the ball was different, especially when it was wet. The surface was extremely slippery and not even close to real football field playing conditions.

An artificial field is only as good as its weakest component. We have thoroughly tested and engineered our infill to act as an outstanding aspect of our system. Our synthetic infill products help to provide the stability and performance required by the game while also maintaining a safe playing field. Contact one of our specialists today so we can help you determine the right system for you.

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