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Here at Blue Sky Turf we care about our products and your players just as much as you do. At all levels of manufacturing and installation we oversee the highest level of quality control. In light of recent health concerns we’ve also gone the extra mile to ensure our products adhear to the highest standards. Below we have researched and compiled some of the most cutting edge research and frequently asked questions.

Is it safe for my kids to play on synthetic fields made with crumb rubber?

Based on what we know today, the Washington State Department of Health recommends that people who enjoy soccer continue to play regardless of the type of field surface. Our recommendation is based on our investigation and the available research on crumb rubber which currently does not suggest it poses a significant public health risk. Assurances of the safety of artificial turf with crumb rubber are limited by the lack of adequate information on potential toxicity and exposure.*

What about carcinogens or substances in the crumb rubber that are known to cause cancer?  Should parents be concerned?

Parents should be aware, but not concerned. We know that crumb rubber is made from tires that contain chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. However, what is critical to consider are the routes of exposure and potential dose someone receives. The available research suggests exposures from crumb rubber are very low and will not cause cancer among soccer players.*

What would you tell communities who are considering installing a synthetic turf field? Or deciding not to install a synthetic turf field?

It is important for communities to build and support environments that make it easier for adults and youth to be physically active. Physical activity can slow the increase in the proportion of adults who are obese, reduce rates of chronic disease, and improve the quality of life. The currently available research does not suggest that crumb rubber presents a significant public health risk.*


*Washington State Health Department

Non-Toxic Solutions

Would you let your children or team play on it? Yes, we play on it with them and we’re not the only ones!

Safety First

With safety always being a top priority we rigoursly test all of products throughout the manufacturing and installation process. Using regular quality control measures and state of the art testing equiptment we are able to back guarantee our product with a warranty for 8 years after installation.

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