Lacrosse, as a physical sport, requires a combination of skill, strength & speed that are benefited by the use of synthetic fields. Lacrosse is one of the fastest paced games on the planet and is growing in popularity nationally.

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Lacrosse Turf Systems

The quick cutting action and footwork necessary for lacrosse athlete lends itself to rely heavily on a surface that has superior traction, yet ample cushion under impact, which lessens soft tissue injury and overall fatigue.

Our lacrosse fields are designed in mind of the intricacies and factors involved with footing and traction; we have specifically addressed field impact criteria from feet up, to the top of the head.

For over 6-decades our staff members have perfected & built sport related projects throughout the world; we can create a perfect field that is built with integrity and quality as job #1.

Because lacrosse is a high impact, fast paced sport, our lacrosse field design brings the hard hitting compliments of football and rugby to our field construction, ensuring head and body impact is well within the critical limits of player safety.

Our fields are engineered to drain more than 40 inches of rain per hour, eliminating game delay cancellations due to static water issues or muddy fields. Additionally, we always consider the environment when constructing our lacrosse field products, using no heavy metals or contaminants in any of our products; recycling is an afterlife function.

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