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Turf Maintenance

Turf Repair


Like any asset you own, it is always in your best interest to protect your investments. While artificial turf will last longer and require much less maintenance than organic turf, periodical maintenance is vital to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

At Blue Sky Turf, we make it a priority to ensure the safety and longevity of your fields. Sometimes, it is visibly clear when your synthetic turf needs repair or maintenance, but not all defects and safety hazards are noticeable to the naked eye. Because artificial turf is so durable, it shows little to no signs that it needs maintenance, until it is too late.

With player safety in mind; Blue Sky Turf’s experts, with years of experience and rigorous training, offer a free inspection and consultation of your fields. Our team has serviced all types of synthetic fields, from small middle schools to NFL stadiums. Blue Sky Turf’s experts team can guarantee the capability to improve the condition of your field.

Our Detailed Field Safety Inspection bundle includes a written report of your field safety grade, and the inspections performed. We will also provide a recommended maintenance plan for your synthetic turf system. Some of the inspections and test we perform are:


  •  Infill depth measurements taken from at least 10 locations. 

  • Infill depth and compaction report. 

  • Visual Turf System Fiber wear analysis. 

  • Inlay inspection. 

  • Seam inspection. 

  • Turf Transition areas and edge detail inspected for trip hazards and other safety and performance concerns. 

  • Client walkthrough and discussion of existing conditions and concerns.

G-Max Testing






Synthetic turf’s lifespan is dependent on the level of usage, and the quality of care exercised by its owners. To help improve the life duration of synthetic turf, Blue Sky Turf offers a Comprehensive Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Package that supports safe performance and a beautifully manicured appearance.


Treating your field with our maintenance package is suggested after long periods of use or harsh weather, to help clean out any debris, or if fibers are loose and worn down. As well as any infill migration. The migration will occur over time, for player safety it is crucial to keep the infill level consistent across the field. Our Comprehensive Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Package includes:



o Synthetic Turf System GMAX Testing

o Synthetic Turf System Grooming

o Contaminate removal and magnet sweep, including but not limited to, metal items, mouth guards, plastic caps and trash, nut shells and cigarette butts…

o Infill de-compaction and leveling

o Loose fiber removal

o Fiber straightening

o Second session of GMAX Testing upon completion of field maintenance

o Written Post Maintenance Summary Report



Keeping up with maintenance greatly reduces the risk of serious damage to the synthetic turf, but repairs may be needed at some point during its use. After years of wear and sitting outside, it is common that small repairs or a thorough disinfecting of the turf is needed. If your turf does happen to become damaged or needs sanitizing, Blue Sky Turf has À la carte services that will be conducted by a team of specialists, and tailored to each unique requirement of every job.

For damaged turf, we offer seam and inlay repairs done by our team in a timely manner for your convenience. To measure possible damage, our specialist team will utilize Traix A Missile System GMAX Testing. This is a test that simulates impact attenuation of the playing surface, it is offered either annually or seasonally. If the GMAX rating is too high, it may be caused by a lack of infill or using too much of the wrong type.

On average, fields loose around 5% of their infill per year. If your infill is low, our team can supply and Install additional infill material as needed. If your synthetic field has not been sanitized recently or has an odor, we offer Anti–microbial (Kills MRSA) and Anti–Static treatments. As well as UV Synthetic Turf Cleaning (Kills Microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses and mold) to purify the fiber and infill, and to eliminate odors.

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