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Hank Julicher

Founder & CEO

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In 1968, at just 21 years old, Hank began his career in the Sports Construction Industry by building his first tennis court for a family friend’s backyard. Now, over five decades later, Hank has overseen the construction of over 2500+ sports fields and facilities across six continents for presidents, kings, and countless professional sports teams. 

Hank started his first company specializing in tennis and sport courts and later transitioned his primary focus to artificial turf in the early 1970s at the onset of the industry’s development. He saw the flaws in the early designs of the artificial turf material and improved on it by making it safer and filing one of the first patents in the industry. Being one of the first leaders to manufacture and install artificial turf has given him invaluable insight and experience as he has been apart of the products evolution from the very start. With his former company Sprinturf, he became the leading U.S. manufacturer of synthetic turf systems. In addition, he helped found the Synthetic Turf council which represents over 250 companies in the turf industry and is the world’s largest trade organization today. To this day, he is widely known for his contributions to the expansion and development of artificial turf and continues to consult other turf companies as well.

Career Highlights 

  • 2500+ sports surface and facilities constructed
  • Leading US manufacturer of synthetic turf
  • Field installations on 6 continents
  • A founder of the globally recognized Synthetic Turf Council
  • Acquired one of the first patents in the industry
  • Patented the first all rubber infill synthetic turf system
  • Has donate $1M+ in sports surfaces and equipment to multiple non-profit organizations
  • Has worked with teams in NFL, MLB, MLS, EPL, ICL, & NCAA

Notable Clientele

  • Installed turf for the white house and 4 U.S. presidents: Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, & Donald Trump
  • President José López Portillo of Mexico
  • The House of Saud (Royal family of Saudi Arabia)
  • Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco Giants, Manchester United, etc.
  • Upenn, UCLA, Boise State, U of Montana, etc.
  • Countless public and private high schools