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With products and prices to suit every need let, our consultants here at Blue Sky Turf find the perfect solution for you!

Plans and Pricing

With different grades of Synthetic Turf all meant for different utilities the options can look daunting. However, here at Blue Sky Turf our professional consultants are here to make finding the right product and solution for you a breeze, all at a fraction of the competitors.

*Figures based on the average cost of  an 80,000 sq ft. field in the United Staes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

Contact one of our consultants today for a free consultation, color renderings, site visit and comprehensive proposals. Or simply go through one of partner supplier programs such as CoSTARS in Pa or TIPS nationally.

Do You Offer Financing?
Blue Sky Turf is pleased to announce our new lease/ purchase and financing programs. This allows Public Schools, Municipalities, Private schools and Private entities, to get their facility of tomorrow, today. We were also the first to offer lease/purchase/financing options all with low rates.
How Long Does It Take To Install?

The time to install greatly varies depending on multiple factors, including the scope of work, weather conditions and site access.

How Long Does A Turf Field Last?

Our systems carry an 8-10 warranty! However, by using only materials made in the USA and quality craftmanship we still have fields that have been in the ground for over 18 years.

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