Soccer Turf

Blue Sky  Turf has designed our soccer turf system with these 3 keys in mind: Performance, Safety, and Durability. These factors have assisted in the development of our soccer turf system designed to take a beating

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Synthetic Soccer Turf

Undergoing state of the art testing procedures to meet a specific criteria for ball bounce, roll, speed and G-max, our artificial turf system is specifically tailored for soccer play.


Our soccer turf is specifically designed utilizing an iso-grid which means that they’re the exact same number of fibers going from front to back is there are from left to right. Which creates uniformed surface resistance, creating the most natural playing environment.



This paired with our 350 micron Julnic C8 monofilament fiber. Simulating all of the positive attributes of a natural grass blade without any of the downfalls. Gives you unsurpassed durability and day to day performance.

At a 2 inch pile height the face weight is 49oz

At a 2 1/4 inch pile height the face weight is 54oz

At a 2 1/2 inch pile height the face weight is 61oz

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